Welcome to Nottinghamunitarians’s website. I am currently on a solo ’round the world trip, and I am using this website to post reports, stories, and photos as an ongoing travelogue. This trip began in February, 2015, and will continue through 2016.

I’m currently in San Francisco, CA USA (as of Febuary 3.) See what I’m up to by reading my latest travel report, posted from the road. I’m planning the next leg of my trip from home, and hope to be back on the road in mid October. My next leg will start in Europe, where I will travel by train through southern Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Greece) for about a month. I then head to Africa for the next leg, where I will travel by land from Nairobi, Kenya to Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe. My final leg will involve an extensive motorcycling trip across Asia, which will last approximately six months. For more details, check out my trip plans.

In June, I returned from my first leg, a four month journey from Mexico to Bolivia, South America. I traveled almost the entire distance by bicycle and bus. In total, I biked over 2300 miles. For details of this trip, see my summary.

To read travel stories and reports from either my current travel leg or from previous legs, be sure to go to my travel home page.


Many of you probably wonder where I’ve been lately, if I’m in the country, where I’m going, etc. I’ve prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions just for you! For those of you who don’t know who I am, check out About Me, where you can learn more than you ever wanted to know.

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