Hints and Tips for Sudan

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March 26, 2016
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Hints and Tips for Sudan

Red Tape:
Visas are required for British nationals. Currently all visa applications are referred to Khartoum, the process takes atleast three weeks and most are rejected. A person or company giving an invitation into Sudan helps, see helpful people. Entering Sudan is a lengthy process, it took us 4 hours. Countless forms had to be filled in and then signed by different people all over town. One of these forms was an alien movement document, which lists all of the towns you are likely to visit. We paid 4100Dinar for the document, the document is issued in Khartoum for free.

Fuel Costs:
Diesel 80 Dinar per litre in Khartoum. Prices tend to increase as you move further away from the capital.

Road Quality:
The roads around Khartoum are good quality tarmac. The roads in the west of Sudan near the Chad border can only be described as donkey tracks.

Sudanese Dinar (SDD) 256SDD = $1
Black Market 270SDD = $1
Visa does not exist in any bank nor can you change travellers checks. Cash preferably USD are the only option

The friendliness and generous hospitality of the Sudanese people.
The pyramids at Meroe north of Khartoum.

Places to Stay:
We bushed camped on the journey from Chad to Khartoum, in the desert near Meroe’s pyramids and on the journey to Ethiopia without any problems. In Khartoum we camped at a youth sports acadamey about 10Km South East of the city. The GPS position of this campsite is 15 31 42 N 32 36 22 E

Useful People:
Midhat Mahir globtours_sudan@yahoo.com, gave invaluable help and advice on obtaining our Sudanese visas, also helped with formalities in Khartoum. We advise overlanders to contact Midhat if they have any problems with Sudanese formalites.

To save time when on the road make at least five photocopies of your alien movements document so that you can give the police a copy at each check point. You are supposed to buy a photography permit but we experienced no problems without one, just be careful in towns when taking photos if you do not have a permit.
If you really have no option the DHL travel office may give you a cash advance with a visa card. They did give us the black market exchange rate!!


The Route from Chad to Sudan

The main route across Sudan through El-Fasher as marked on Michelin 954 is currently not safe to use due to bandits.
Everyone suggests the alternative route as outlined below.

Al-Geneina go to Zalinger. This takes approx. 4hrs on dirt tracks

Zalinger go to Nyala. This takes approx. 3hrs on old but reasonable tarmac

Nyala go to Ed Dien. This takes approx. 5hrs. The quickest route is to follow the railway line. Most of the time reasonable tracks can be found, sometimes it is necessary to drive along the line or to make new tracks. In places be careful of the bog next to the line.

Ed Dien go to An-Nahud. This takes the most part of a day. There is a major route but the ruts caused by the trucks make it impossible to drive on. Reasonable sandy donkey and cart tracks can be found that go in the right direction, these are preferable.

An-Nahud go to Khuwei. This takes approx. 3 hrs. Again there is a very rutted route, we found a reasonable route that the locals tend to use, which went considerably North of track.

5 miles after Khuwei the tracks converge and new tarmac takes you to Khartoum.

Very Useful GPS co-ordinates of the villages.

Al-Geneina: N 13 25 82
E 22 24 87

Zalinger: N 12 54 84
E 23 29 23

Nyala: N 12 03 86
E 24 51 86

Ed Dein: N 11 26 83
E 26 09 93

Gabesh: N 12 09 48
E 27 21 15

An-Nahud N 12 40 81
E 28 24 41

Khuwei: N 13 05 33
E 29 14 02

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