Hints and Tips for Morocco

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March 6, 2016
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April 28, 2016

Hints and Tips for Morocco

Red Tape:
Visas are not required for British Nationals, entry is reasonably simple. We encountered middle men who for $10 helped fill out all the appropriate forms.
There are several police checkpoints on route, they asked us for money but a smile and a joke with a polite no meant we never paid.

Fuel Costs:
Diesel cost 5.7Dirham per litre, however it is 2.85Dirham per litre in Western Sahara

Road Quality:
Drive on the right, all major routes are good quality tarmac (even to the boarder)

There are several banks that take visa and there are ATMs

Marrakech with the souks and the market square after 5pm when the food stalls set up.
The new Mosque in Casablanca
The Atlas Mountains, we enjoyed the Cascades d’Ozoud and a nearby Lake

Places to Stay:
We found no problems with Bush Camping all over Morocco
Marrakech – Camping Feradaous 13 km along the Casablanca road, with friendly staff and reasonable facilities
We failed to find a reasonable campsite in Casablanca, but the youth hostel is ok and there is good secure parking nearby.

Useful People:
The tee-shirt and sticker seller at Feradaous was very helpful, although Jay Clean is expensive.

Making a form containing all passport details, profession, address, and parents names, copies of which you could give to the police would save a lot of time at checkpoints

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