Hints and Tips for Mali

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February 22, 2016
Hints and Tips for Ethiopia
February 26, 2016

Hints and Tips for Mali

maliRed Tape:
Visas are required for British Nationals, we got ours in one day in Nouakchott and cost $7.50.
Insurance is necessary, a Brown Card can be bought to cover 16 West African countries, we found it very useful and stopped many potential problems.

Fuel Costs:
Diesel 350CFA per litre

Road Quality:
The road to Bamako was terrible, however a new road is under construction and should be completed in a year. The road east to Mopti is good tarmac. Other roads are good dirt roads.

West African Franc 1$ = 642CFA
Black Market (near the BMCD bank) 1$ = 675 CFA
Visa transactions are possible in the BMCD, but we had problems.

Djenne, the mud town, with the largest mud mosque in the world
Dogon Country, 12th century mud hut villages dotted around a cliff, well worth a visit. We spent a day but you could easily spend a week.

Places to Stay:
No problems with bush camping in remote areas.
Djenne – Le Campement, you can camp, there are good facilities and an excellent area to relax, the staff especially Oumar the garcon de chambres are very helpful.

Useful People:
No-one in particular, however the guide we used for Dogon Country was good.

Barter hard for a boat ride on the Niger at Mopti. Allow time for at least a couple of days in Dogon Country, and don’t bother buying collanade.


  1. Francis says:

    Is 5K dollars enough to travel in Mali. And how long does 5k dollars last in Mali anyway? Is it good for 1 week? I really want to be there but I only have 5k $ budget. I need investigate more if it is already enough.

    • Michael says:

      I have been there and I only have 1k$ in my pocket and it last for 2 weeks. Exploring the beaches, zip lining and any water sports.

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