Hints and Tips for Ethiopia

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February 26, 2016
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Hints and Tips for Ethiopia

Red Tape:
Visas are required for all British Nationals. We got our visa in Khartoum. We had to get a letter of recommendation from the British embassy, which cost $62. The visa itself cost another $63.

Fuel Costs:
Diesel 2.72 Birr in Addis Ababa.
If you are travelling south to Kenya it is best to fill up in Addis as fuel near to the Kenyan border is very expensive.


Road Quality:
There are gravel roads throughout the highlands. These roads are very hard wearing on tyres, and very windy, therefore progress is slow. The road from Desse to Addis is tarmac but not great quality. The road south from Addis to the Kenyan border is good tarmac.

Birr 8.6 = $1
The black market rate is slightly better than the bank rate, but the difference is negligible.
Visa cannot be used in Ethiopia and don’t take any Ethiopian money out of the country, even near the boarder the rate is terrible

The monasteries on lake Tana were very interesting.
The Blue Nile falls near Bahir Dar were spectacular
The monolithic churches at Lalibella were very impressive and well worth the long journey.

Places to Stay:
Bahir Dar: We stayed at Ghion Hotel where most overlanders camp. It is well set up and very good value. Our camp overlooked Lake Tana.
Lalibella: we camped in the car park of the Seven Olives Hotel.

Useful People:
Endalew Moges one of the forty official guides in Lalibella we thought that he was very good.

Our boat trip to the monastries on lake Tana cost 50 Birr per person, so barter hard.
Our guide, who showed us around six churches in Laliobella, cost 30 Birr per person, again barter hard.


  1. Kevin says:

    How it is like to be in another place anyway? How exciting is it anyway? I never been to another side of the world. I really want to experience traveling but I am hesitant.

    • Michael says:

      You will never know unless you try. If you have the budget, then why worried as long as that place has good reputation when it comes to peace and order, then go…

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