March 6, 2016

Things to do in Valencia

Spain is the 4th largest country in Europe and one of the main touristic destinations. Spain is famous for its warm days almost all year round and it has big historical heritage and one can always find many things to do during vacations in there. Overall, there are 15 regions in Spain and if we include the Balearic Islands and Canary islands in total it will be 17 regions. Each of them are autonomous and has its own government, region even language and each of them is particular. But now we will focus on the things to do in Valencia which is a third biggest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Spain is a very safe country to visit has quite low levels of crime. 1 Central market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfkPW6bdW78 If you are interesting in seeing the Canary islands, you can a read a guide from Jerome. Or simply follow his Twitter page. It is a beautiful market place and considered as one of the oldest European markets. It is popular for its souvenir shops, restaurants and during the day it is always busy with many activities and events. You will never get bored there. It is an extraordinary building that will leave you speechless and it depicts the natural and typical life of that region. There are many vendors selling fruits, vegetables and it looks very colorful and beautiful. Even if you do not buy things you can always enjoy the view of this world and smell the odor of fresh fruits.  
February 22, 2016

Thomas Rhett – Vacation